The first and only (to the best of my knowledge) Canadian Micra web site!

This web page is a tribute to the best econo car ever made: The Nissan Micra.  No longer sold in North America since around 1990, the fact that we still see so many Micra's still on the road today demonstrates how well this econo-car was built.

About the Micra:

A four seater two or four door hatchback, the Micra offered a lot of car for your money. Generally sold with a 1.2 litre four-cylinder carburated engine with either a 5 speed manual or 3 speed automatic, it's charm was in it's simplicity combined with features normally found in more expensive cars - no power steering, no air conditioning (both would've taxed the engine too much), no power door locks or windows available, no remote hatch release, no overflow bottle for the radiator...yet you could get intermittent wipers, child door locks on the 4 door models, a rear window wiper and washer, and a passenger side mirror.  It's simplicity made it very reliable, yet it's little features here and there rewarded it's owner with some creature comforts.

What's so great about this car?

Well, it wasn't the world's fastest car by any stretch of the imagination.  It'd hold it's own in stop-and-go city traffic, but on the highways you could forget about passing anybody and you quickly learn to get a run at steep hills.  It's wheels were only 12" making for a choppy ride at times.  So, what's so great about this econo-car?

About my Micra

My Micra was a silver four door hatchback, "Loaded" with features such as cloth seats, rubber floor mats, passenger side mirror, intermittent wipers, and a 3 speed automatic transmission.  I bought it used in the spring of 1995 for $2,500 certified - it had 107,000 km's on the odometer.  I kept it until the summer of 1999, when it reached 215,000 km's.  The body and frame was very still solid, with only surface rust in a few small areas.  It needed a little bit of work (it leaked oil), and my family was growing - so I decided to sell it for $650 "As Is" (a bargain for the girl who bought it) so I could save up for something bigger for my growing family.  Here are the things I did to it: This car always brought me home.  Notice most of the work was maintenance or fun stuff, I only recall two serious items.  The rocker arm broke on the way home, and the car brought me home running on only 2 cylinders!  The engine was severely underpowered and ran extremely rough...but a replacement rocker arm shaft only cost me $40 new and took an hour to install.  The other time was when I blew a top rad hose.  I was halfway home, and I noticed steam spewing out from under the hood.  I took it easy, brought it home and for a few bucks bought a new top rad hose and replaced it in no time.


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